Monday, October 13, 2014

I Totally Would...

...use this Chanel Basket from the Fall/Winter 2014/2015 show as a decoration object for my apartment if it wouldn't have the (not so) humble price of 7000€. I can already see it giving shelter to my favorite magazines, such an incredible object. I'll put this one on my "things I'm never going to be able to afford"- list, check.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Givenchy Cravings.

I haven't crossed a Givenchy piece I truly loved for a while now..until I stumbled on this beyond gorgeous, light and ultra feminine (yes! can you believe that?!) dress the other day. Embroidered mesh butterflies on the sleeves, a big satin band in the back, a heart shaped bust detail and these slouchy front pockets, a true masterpiece when it comes to craftsmanship and creative details. To top it off I'd love to add a "Rave" bag to my selection - I like how it looks like a plastic bag. It exists in plenty of colors and prints but I especially love the silver and black vinyl leather version. 
Find the dress online at Bergdorf Goodman and the silver "Rave" on net-a-porter...but be warned about the price tag.
Just sayin'.

all pictures by bergdorf goodman / net-a-porter.
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Monday, October 6, 2014

In The News.

So the rumors were true! The man responsible for my falling in love with fashion (well, besides sailor moon.) is finally getting his second chance. I am genuinely happy about the decision to put him back into the game because honestly - was he ever out of it? Ever since his famous and unfortunate outings people started guessing again when and how he's going to come back to the fashion scene. He's a genius and he should take care of himself - because what personally shocked me the most in the now infamous video is seeing such a great man in such a poor state. Margiela feels like a good and very creative home for him - we all know what he is capable of doing: from opulent Dior to crazy John Galliano to timelessly elegant Hermès. 
Welcome back Mr. Galliano!
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Friday, October 3, 2014

Copycat; Meow.

DKNY S/S15 vs. Prada S/S11
Balmain S/S15 vs. Givenchy Haute Couture 97.

Now that the Fashion Month has finally come to a close, it's time for my favorite copycats of the season. I only use that term for its slight association with the feline persuasion, as most of you may or may not know i love cats.

Usually you experience a degree of déjà-vus' when you look at some collections, but some are more obvious than others. The question is: when can "drawing inspiration" be called "copying" and couldn't it be that two people just randomly had two similar starting points or ideas? A question I deal with on a daily basis, as a fashion designer. We surely always take inspiration from somewhere and something, its inevitable, whether we realize it or not. Rather often it is, unfortunately, from clothes that already exist. What I think is interesting is that you can call the act of close reproduction "inspiration" and "copy" at the same time. Legally the the case might be clear (the people at Zara know) but when it comes to real life the lines are often blurred. Maybe it's just a strange coincidence, maybe strong inspiration. What I think is sad is that people made quite a fuss about Balmain this season. Hey! it's one look. It happens to everyone, fashion designers included. They are not some kind of magic bottomless well of ideas that are able to pull out timeless classics and innovative ideas season after season.They all have to (ideally) open books and archives to get the fuel. Enjoy the magic while it's there. And that's coming from not the biggest Balmain fan! 

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Perfect Girl.

Whenever Aymeline Valade is around, I make sure to jump on the pictures and keep them somewhere on my computer since I've had a major crush on her for years now. Either in brown or recently in blonde, she is simply one of the most strong and androgynous faces out there. In case you're not convinced, just take a look at these effortlessly cool new shots for

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Prada S/S15 Backstage

The best thing about a fashion show is always what's going on Backstage. And to bring it to an other level: the best thing about a Prada show is what's going on Backstage. Because there is no other girl like the Prada girl, lined up like this these creatures look as fierce as it can get. This season again, despite the fact that I liked the show a bit less than usually, the backstage stands out compared to all the other brands. My favorite? Hedvig Palm, because she's always my favorite and the greasy hair/dirty make-up combination: hard to love it but impossible to hate; the Prada effect. Oh, and this can be added casually: Gemma Ward and Lara Stone are back. With all the supermodels making a comeback and mixing up the current supermodel listing, I'm pretty sure when I say that the best castings ever are ahead.

all pictures by i-D magazine.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

When Two Worlds Collide: Pokémon x Fashion

I'm just going to ignore Fashion Week for a second and focus on two things I absolutely adore: good pictures and Pokémon. Yes, I am from that generation and have a weakness for everything slightly kawaii such as Pokémons or Totoros. Sailor Moon even made me start drawing when I was very very young! The years passed but the love for everything japanese stayed...unnecessary to mention that when I found 'pokexfashion', a blog specialized in making the best of both worlds come together, I couldn't stop but being amazed about how aesthetic and visually interesting this combination actually looks. Hopefully one day someone is really going to launch an ad campaign like this, it would be a refreshing surprise among the often very dusty ads!

all pictures from pokexfashion.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Julia Nobis By Willy Vanderperre for i-D

Since the first second I saw it, I knew that this is going to be one of my favorite editorials...and I was right. So pure, so simple and weirdly natural, all you need is the incredible Julia Nobis and a wonderfully oldfashioned sofa, stolen from your grandmother in an empty, white space. The contrast is perfect. I wish all magazine would feature editorials like this one.

all pictures via i-D magazine

The One (I Like) To Watch

It's hard NOT to notice that the Fashion Month is definitely on. In fact, we already switched from New-York to London and one thing I especially like to do during this time is keeping my eye on some people, not many but Hanne Gaby Odiele is definitely in my top 3. While I'm typing this I actually think of who else I observe that closely or what other person I googled that often. Yes, I google people. So, since Hanne is probably on first, second and third position I was delighted as usual to see her being awesome on the catwalk and even more awesome off the catwalk. She's one of the few people who just pull off this quirky, fun and colorful look, she just owns it - the clothes don't own her. And a special bonus for always mixing such individual strong pieces from different designers: as we all know it's easy to look awesome in a head-to-toe look. The best bonus probably is - in the end- her smile though.....and her bleached brows. I'd take these. 

my top 3 looks by Sandra Semburg/aloveisblind