Sunday, February 13, 2011

Proenza Schouler Spring 2011 Ad

Pastel vs. Colour blocking, looks like it's going to be a contrasted spring....and look, even more shirts for Anne-Catherine. Personally, I would kill (you girls know what a special kind of killing that is)  for the second look, just perfect for a warm (but not too warm!!) spring evening on a terrace somewhere in Paris. Okay, daydream of the day done, now I can go to bed.
P.S.: Happy St. Valentine's to all of you!


  1. Hi Anne, I saw your photos on the sartorialist blog. A while back there was a picture of you with a really nice floral blouse and being pants/belt/bag. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT FLORAL BLOUSE? Can you please ID the designer? I really really love it!
    ...or could you sell me yours for a lot of money in return...ok, kidding, please help. Thanks in advance

  2. I love the picture from the left site, also this cardigan and beautiful blouse... they are incredibly light and soft!

  3. @ Anonymous: Yes that was a while back! Well the blouse is my mums, I have to check where she got it from but it's def. old, so I wouldnt look for that one in particular, I know that zara always has very nice floral blouses! You could find a good one there.

    @kindoffashion: yes,like they would fly away every second....very nice!