Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sasha Pivovarova for Vogue UK

Pictures by Daniel Jackson for the March Issue of Vogue UK.


  1. You can tell Sasha P. has great depth and energy, and this really enhances all her editorials, including this one. Looove her.

    x K

    Visit anytime :)

  2. Saw this one as well & loved it. She's still the greatest! definitely prefer her with darker blonde hair. The black outfit is my favourite :)

  3. she is definitely one of my favourite russians :)


  4. @Kaitlin & Sunday: Sasha is def. one of the best models out there, she has something very strong in her face, she always looks radiant and fresh. Everyone loves sasha!:)

    @Amie: Black outfits forever!!;)....and don't forget the prada brogues!

  5. I am sorry to intrude, but i just urge to ask-
    It seems like this has been shot with a wide-angle and then photoshoped to a limit where the deformation of perspective and proportions becomes almost disturbing...
    I love Sasha, she always does a great job and the atmosphere of the shooting is really great))
    But studying art as i do, the above-mentioned disproportion disturbs me..does anyone else see it or am i hallucinating??