Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easy Game.

 Okay, this is really really good, amazing to be honest. Fred actually managed to do what nobody did so far ...putting everything I like about my face in ONE picture. (and my kooples addiction does not count here, even if my blazer is close to my face!)
  1. my hair, but only because of my amazing holy supertalented hairdresser Vito. No haircut without Vito, never ever.
  2. my eyebrows, thanks to the many many prada shows I watched and where I admired the eyebrows of the girls. And thanks to my lazyness of course. This time, not Vito.
  3. the beautymark everyone in my family has - somewhere around the mouth. I hated it when I was younger, but I guess I got used to it.
           Easy, right?
And now off to Disneyland!! ;)

Picture by  Fred for L'Effort Moderne. 


  1. Your haircut is simply great!!!

  2. What a nice picture! I just googled The Kooples, by the way (cause I hadn't heard of it before) and I must say they have a very nice collection. Your addiction is totally understandable ;).

    Have lots of fun in Disneyland!

  3. beautiful picture, beautiful lady.

  4. C'est assez incroyable ton commentaire... Mais je suis d'accord, il y a sur cette photo tout ce qui peut faire qu'on puisse avoir envie d'en savoir plus sur toi. Fred a beaucoup de talent, et Vito également, sans conteste

  5. Easy Fashion FredMarch 21, 2011 at 2:35 AM

    Quelle chance que tu aimes cette photo !
    Je dois dire qu'elle me plaît beaucoup aussi.
    Mes compliments à Vito !


    Easy Fashion in Paris
    & L'Effort Moderne

  6. Love LOVE the haircut. Hats off to Vito!

  7. love your blog!
    followed you!
    check out mine i'd love the have your opinion


  8. what kind of hairproducts do you use? Your hair looks amazing all the time!

  9. @ Laura: *thank you vito* in my head. haha!

    @ Naomi: well yeah the kooples is an addiction since they launched the brand... it's just the type of clothing I looked for such a long time. perfect! btw: disney was fun - as usual!

    @ Glo: Thanks a lot:)

    @ jeaneg: pourquoi incroyable? moi j'y vois rien d'incroyable;)

    @ Fred: Mais je te dis merci fred, cette photo est très belle! on se revoit au plus tard pour la prochaine fw alors?!;) oh je sens que vito va recevoir bcp de compliments!

    @ John Montgomery: I'll tell him, he'll be happy to hear!

    @ Joanna K. : thanks for following, really nice of you!:)

    @ LUU H. : Well you know what? I use no hair products at all - only shampoo (no specific one)- that's the good thing about a good haircut, you don't need to much - the hair puts itself naturally great! Only one thing: I didn't dyed my hair, for a long long time and it looks so much healthier. and i comb my hair twice a day. voilà :)

  10. God...I love your haircut, Vito is clearly a genuius! Just curious, but is your hair naturally pretty straight? I'd love to try a cut like this but my hair tends to be pretty voluminous, not sure if it would work out the same....

  11. C'est toujours un grand plaisir
    à bientôt !

  12. one out of million

  13. Beautiful. Your eyebrows are wonderful! Do you use an eye brow pencil or anything?

  14. Eyebrows are underrated in terms of their weight on ones overall sexiness and this picture proves just that. Actually, all your pictures prove just that.

  15. I absolutely adore your hair and eyebrows.

  16. can i know the address of your hairdresser Vito?

  17. still one of my all-time favourites!

  18. actually IS my all-time favourite!