Friday, March 11, 2011


Petite balade à paris. Je porte un manteau April77, un jean Cheap Monday, un sac Balenciaga et j'ai vu une lettre très touchante, des moments bien gris et le calme cette petite beauté. 

Walking around in paris. I'm wearing an April77 coat, Cheap Monday Jeans, a Balenciaga bag and I saw a very touching letter, lots of greyish moments and a sleeping beauty.


  1. oooh i miss paris.. i love your balenciaga bag!


  2. Your whole outfit is nice, but I especially like the bag. Very pretty!

    Paris is a beautiful city! I'm visiting Paris in may and I'm already looking forward to it.

    I wish my french was a bit better, so I could read the letter ;).

  3. Très jolie balade...
    Pour me faire pardonner:
    Sans rancune?

  4. yeah!!so cool!i love your whole outfit.especial the coat is amazing!!
    please look @ my blog . at the moment i make a giveaway!!i would be so happy to meet u there!!

  5. @ Hannah-rose: I'm sure you'll come back soon! thanks, it's a very very old one tho - but still a classic!

    @naomi: Thanks a lot. Paris is indeed very beautiful, + you'll be around in spring that's the best time, I'm sure it will be very nice! It's an amazing love-letter I found on a wall outside l'olympia. xx

    @jeaneg:un beau geste de ta part!

    @ mara: Thanks. I bought the coat 4 years ago or something and it's still my favorite one - april77 are doing such great stuff. I'll check your blog out.

  6. ooooh c'est trop mignon cette petite annonce <3