Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Out & About

My favorite eyecandy out and about in Milan, Paris, London, and NY!

clockwise first collage:  
- Miu Miu Spring 2011 
- Fendi N°1
-Celine Classic Box Bag Croco
-Celine Classic Box Bag and a cigarette ... what a shame.

clockwise second collage: 
- Celine Clutch in electric blue
- Furla Candy Bag
- the infamous Jil Sander Bag (not that bad after all...have to admit!)
- Prada Spring 2011  Stripes, of course.

All pictures from Jak&Jil, Streetfsn and Stockholm Streetstyle.


  1. That yellow with a hint of green Celine bag is tugging at my heart! So gorgeous.

  2. The Céline Classic Box Bag! When I saw the bag for the first time, it immediately stole my heart. It would be lovely to have it in my closet... ;)

  3. @ C : yeah, but wtf is wrong with that picture? i don't get why you do such a horrible thing to your bag!

    @ Naomi: Wonderful indeed, but I'm in love with Fendi N°1 it's so beautiful! So I know how you feel ;)

  4. That first collage is great, I never would have expected that I could adore fluro yellow as much as I do right now! (Just noticed the cigarette though!:/)

  5. @ Sarah Elizabeth: They look good in those colours don't they?? I was surprised as well.
    This cigarette is NOT cool at all, a bit more respect for such a beautiful object please! am I right? (especially since the leather of those celine bags is so fragile!) If it would be MY bag, I would frame it haha.

  6. The cigarette! NOOOOOO!!!! Oh every time I see that picture my heart hurts. I feel like the Celine needs to be rescued. Vigilante mission, anyone...?

    x K

  7. celine's blue. the best colour of the season.