Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A touch of colour.

It's all about colours and pleats this season, but...what's going on with my feet on that picture?!
picture from telegraph.co.uk


  1. Indeed, how are you doing that?? (Great outfit though ;) )

    x K

  2. can't figure out what is up with your feet, but i guess that's (literally) the twist of the picture. i love the colour combination, but i think the PS1 is still the greatest part of it. best bag in a long, long while. <333.

  3. I really hope that tail is fake :(

  4. @ Dora: no worries! :)

    @ John Montgomery: I'm playing ballerina, actually!

    @Kaitlyn: Yeah well I thought about that and I think at some point the photographers asked me to do some kind of pirouette and that's the result. black swan really is everywhere!;)

    @Amie: PS1 is the best bag....ever? no i prefer in a long long while, you never know ;) <333.