Sunday, April 10, 2011

In a mood for Candy.

Oh j'ai presque fait une crise cardiaque en ouvrant ma petite petite fenêtre de mon "encore plus petit" appartement aujourd'hui, mais il fait trop trop beau! Du coup j'avais envie de ressembler a un gros bonbon tout content, par conséquence j'ai immédiatement pensé au look que je portais à la fashion week  en septembre pour le show de Galliano. Dire "pour le show de Galliano" aujourd'hui, ça fait bizarre. Bon soit, Galliano n'est plus là (pour le moment bien évidemment!!), mais la tenue est restée. 
Veste: Chanel - Top: Vintage - Shorts: Kitsuné - Chaussure: Alexander Hercovich for Melissa - Sac:  Bottega Veneta. 
Et maintenant, pour tout ceux qui sont coincés devant l'ordi: on se bouge au parc!

Hello Hello ! I looked outside my tiny window today and : wow! Such good, warm weather! Suddently I felt the urge to look like a happy candy / wear one of my favorite outfits from fashion week back in september. I remember this one, all the pictures where taken outside the Galliano show. How fast do things change?! ....anyway, the outfit still is the same. 
Blazer: Chanel - Top: Vintage - Shorts: Kitsuné - Shoes: Alexander Hercovich for Melissa - Bag: Bottega Veneta. 
And now to all the ones who are still stuck in front of the computer: off to the parc!

pictures by: miamarionette -  the streetmuse - stockholm streetstyle


  1. Oh wow, this outfit is absolutely stunning! This is definitely my favorite outfit of you so far. Everything is just perfect. ;)

    Here, in the Netherlands, the weather is also very good right now. I'm so happy it's finally spring!


  2. Coastal Aussie (from twitter)April 11, 2011 at 1:52 AM

    You look so pretty, and I especially like your makeup in the right-hand picture. Great advice about the park, I'm all sunkissed from being outside today. Take care, x.

  3. you look so sugar sweet! May i ask how tall you are since you said that you were 158 cm in one of the last posts, so i got curious about your height..

  4. @ Naomi: Thanks a lot, I really liked it as well - every comfy!

    @Laura: Thanks:)

    @ Coastal Aussie: A walk in the parc is always good:) As for the make-up, I'm trying my best! x

    @ Luu H.: what post was that because I'm actually 170 cm ;) For real- maybe you just read wrong or I typed too fast! x