Friday, April 15, 2011


Voilà quelques images des derniers jours quand il faisait trop beau!J'éspère que vous aussi vous avez passé une petite session de bronzage agréable, malheureusement il fait beaucoup plus froid maintenant. Je sais que la qualité de l'image n'est pas top, mais regardez la masse de gens qui était au jardin du Luxembourg! J'adore cette petite robe d'American Apparel que j'ai acheté l'année dernière. Et puisque le noir c'est ma couleur préférée  il y a le sac Alexander Wang (je l'adore!) et mes grands classiques: les winklepickers. Plus jamais je porterais d'autres chaussures!...bon, parfois peut-être.

So here are a few images of the last days, I hope you are all sunkissed because the weather was just perfect! I know the quality of the picture is quite poor, but look at all the people outside! Well anyway,  since black is my favorite colour, I chose my american apparel dress in black ( I bought it last year and couldn't wait to wear it again!). The bag is Alexander Wang and the shoes are my favorite type of shoes ever: Winklepickers! I will never ever wear other shoes again. Well, maybe... sometimes.


  1. Sunny weather really affects your mood in a good way, doesn't it? Spring always makes me very happy. What a lovely drawing on the wall, by the way!

    I can understand the Winklepickers are your favorite shoes. They're elegant and they look very comfortable too! X

  2. Absolument délicieuse... Le jardin du Luxembourg, ça s'imposait!

  3. as sunny as your smile

  4. Dear Anne,
    How do you do?
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    Please let me know if you’re interested in participating in the project.
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  5. @ Naomi: of course weather affects me, but believe it or not I prefer winter to summer:) Winklepickers are the most amazing shoes ever:)

    @ Jeaneg: Oui ça s'imposait;)

    @anonymous: ...means very sunny of course, right?;)