Friday, April 22, 2011

There is something about Coco.

Coco Sumner has one of the most striking faces I've seen so far.  I'm listenting "selfmachine" on repeat right now, I know I'm always a bit late concerning music! (omg I'm so slow....)
I remember seeing this photoshoot a while ago, now here we are: I'm feeling that I'm going to use these pictures and this face a lot in the future for my work. Oh, I forgot: someone get me this amazing blazer please? :)

pictures by Jason Ell.


  1. you should really listen to " Summer rain" - Can't get enough of that song!

  2. @ LUU H.: yes it's one of my favorites as well! really really catchy...

  3. love her! saw her live at a concert :)
    she's prettier in real life and has a great singing voice!!

  4. she is really stunning and almost haunting.

  5. je l'adooore! <3 au fur et a mesure que j'écoute, ma chanson préféré change! en gros je les aimes toutes!!!

  6. My favourite songs are "In spirit golden", "quicker" and "self machine". She's truly amazing, the best palce to find her songs is

  7. @ Martha: Now I'm really jealous! She was in luxembourg a few weeks ago but I couldn't go!:(

    @ ADJ: very hounting, very mysterious. I love her face!

    @ Izumihiiiflower: oui l'album est tellement sympa à écouter, je l'adore!

    @ Mia: Well I guess we have exactly the same favorites! They are on repeat at my place.