Tuesday, May 31, 2011

L'éternelle question des questions.

Devinez quoi, le thème de ce post est franchement difficile à saisir. (ouiiii.)
Alors, j'explique: En ce moment, je suis en mode "pyjama à l'école", autrement dit: non-foutisme total version grande classe. Pourquoi? Car je suis étudiante et que j'ai les examens bientôt, rohh, un peu de compréhension. On est excusée pendant les examens, ça veut dire: on a pas besoin de se maquiller, ni de mettre des fringues repassés, et la coiffure on en parle même pas. En fait on a le droit de se défouler en mettant les pièces les plus crades, trouées, tachées, déguelasses quoi. Et on a le droit d'avoir un bordel énorme, mais vraiment énorme, dans son appart.
Bon, après un certain moment, ça devient quand-même pénible, en commençant par ton entourage: "Dis, tu n'avais pas mis la même chemise hier? Et tes sous-vêtements au moins, tu les a changés? (là je suis censée de rire, selon l'état de fatigue ça va être entre un petit sourire méprisant genre "tu m'énerves" ou un fou rire total, bon.) Et d'ailleurs, tes cheveux sont si....longs. (là, on s'en fiche de l'état de fatigue, on sort les grand moyens: regard qui tue.) Mais j'adore!!" (Regard: je t'avais demandé ça? Car moi, j'aime pas.)

Donc, devinez quoi. J'en ai marre de ressembler à un zombi vivant, donc un petit tour chez le coiffeur s'annonce. 
Question: on prend quelle variante? Voici un petit choix:

1) Le gros n'importe quoi sur la tête juste en plus court. (a seulement l'air bien s'il y a du vent, sinon j'ai l'air totalement conne.)
2) La coupe "casserole" avec laquelle j'ai fait désespérer ma mère. La dernière fois elle m'a sortie: "Mais au lieu de faire coupe numéro 3, j'ai tellement adoré l'autre. " Alors là, je ne comprends plus rien.
3)La coupe Justin Bieber meets....un homme dont John Galliano a....parlé récemment. Oui, croyez moi, j'ai entendu les deux versions. Pah, moi je l'adore cette coupe.
4) Le gros n'importe quoi numéro 2, alias: ce que j'ai sur la tête en ce moment. Plus aucune coupe, juste les cheveux plus longs. Bien évidemment, dans ce cas, ma mère adore. (J'ai déjà expliqué qu'elle adorait mes cheveux longs?)

Alors, c'est quoi la meilleure selon vous?
Et là, je vais me coucher, demain j'ai mon jury casual. Comme j'adore parler devant un jury. hah.

Okay, guess what? This is a very very serious post. Yes, it is. 

Let me explain: at the moment, I'm a living zombie.
Yes I am, I even go to school in pyjamas. Okay, last season I even went to Fashion Week in my pyjama trousers, but that's an other story. (I really did, sadly enough. But everyone loved it, strangely enough.) 
Back to the facts: My final exams are approaching big time, so as a serious student I'm totally excused. I'm allowed to wear no make-up, ironing my clothes: does not exist, and my hair...is a mess! In fact, during that period, I'm allowing myself to wear everything I wouldn't wear in yeaaaaars, like clothes with big holes, spots, and everything that goes with it. You get it. And we all have the right to have a big mess in our appartments without feeling guilty. 
Quite cool at the beginning, but after a few weeks your environnement starts making comments such as: "Hey, didn't you wear the same shirt yesterday? And your underwear at least, did you change it? (depending on the state of lassitude, you're either barely laughing with that "leave me alone"-look, or you just start laughing for hours.) And look at your hair, it's so....long. ( here, in every case: "don't continue that sentence or I'll kill you with my eyes. I swear."-look)....but I like it sooo much, you should let your hair grow!!! ("hello? did I ask you? No? That's what I thought"-look.)

So now you probably understood what I'm aiming for, and if not I'll make it short: I need to do something with my hair. (and maybe start ironing my stuff again.) 
So the big question is, which haircut. Here are some examples:

1) the big mess number 1. Only looks good if it's windy outside, otherwise I'm looking like an idiot.
2) the "casserole" haircut. Btw, "casserole" means jar in french. No further explanation needed, my mum always hated that haircut. I swear, she was desperate, and while I was having haircut number 3, she once told me: "hey, I loved your "coupe casserole" so much, that looked so nice." I still don't get it.
3) The "Justin Bieber meets a certain man John Galliano recently talked about" haircut. I swear, I've heard both, and I'm not even kidding. Anyway, I loved that haircut!
4) Thebig mess number 2: in fact, no haircut at all, means: longer hair. My mum likes that one. Oh wait, did I mention that she loved my long hair?

So, since this is a really really serious matter, what should I do?
(I hope everyone got that I'm totally (not) serious right now.)
And now I'm off to bed, tomorrow we'll have our casual collection jury. Oh, how I missed talking in front of people. Hah.

pictures: Vanessa Jackman, Stockholm Streetstyle, Elle.com.


  1. "Casserole" haircut was brilliant! I love it. I want to try that too :)

  2. As much as making your mother slightly unhappy, I second that! In my view #2 and #3 would be the winner, with the preference on #2 actually.
    Heh, you asked. :-)

  3. I forever love your "casserole" haircut! :)
    G'luck with school!

  4. Je t'adore en version 2 ou 3 moi ;)

  5. Je vote pour la 3, même si la casserole te va très bien :-)
    (c'est marrant ma coupe ressemble à la tienne en ce moment---Il est temps de rafraichir hein? oui? sure?)

  6. Ah Seigneur! Voilà qui me fait dire que tu es bien une femme aux cheveux courts. Moi j'adore la version #3. La coupe au bol a eu son époque elle correspond a une image de toi, très marquante. Mais cette dernière coupe, bien mieux que celle de Justin Bieber, est vraiment ta marque d'aujourd'hui. Une sorte d'évolution naturelle.
    J'espère que tu nous feras un article spécial là dessus.
    Bon courage pour les exams AC

  7. i'd go for n°1 or n°3, definitely!

  8. 3,3,3,3!!!Girl I truly adore your haircut...always go to my hairdresser with your pic!:-)hihiih
    Adel, Czech republic!:-)

  9. definitley nr 3!!!! you look brilliant! :-)

  10. All the haircuts are lovely! I really can't choose! I believe you can rock any haircut you want. :)

    Good luck with school and the exams, Anne-Catherine! A few months ago you wrote about the basics of your collection (the bone structure post). I loved your idea, so how's it going? (Or maybe you finished it already?). xx

  11. #1 et #3, mais tu est belle avec n´importe quel style :)

  12. La 3 sans hesitation , cette coupe vous va vraiment bien !

  13. @ vous tous/all of you: merci pour les conseils, j'apprécie beaucoup:)Vous allez voir ma décision bientôt ! / thanks for all your feedback, I really appreciate! You'll see my decision soon:)

  14. ta coupe au bol <3


  15. Love look 2!!
    ive been doing a short ear-length bob with cropped bangs and i need to cut it shorter too!


  16. J'adore ton blog, ravi de l'avoir decouvert. J'adore ta coupe de cheveux.

    Et bon courage pour tes exams :)

  17. Dear Anne, all the haircuts are excellent! I liked even 4 number. But the first and 3 are too well-spread, a lot of girls have it, 3 is the bright example of how to stay perfect with this style, not everyone can wear it. Or maybe you should do your hair longer? Just as experiment.
    P.S. I also have short hair and admired your style a lot of times.

  18. I meant N 2 (bowl)

  19. Dear Anne-Catherine!
    I found your picture in citizencouture and as there was a link yo your blog I decided to have a look. The thing is that I was surfing the citizencouture and hell-looks in order to choose a haircut. So now I read this post and it is sooo funny! I am already sorry for copying one of these 4 things, I really am. Good luck to you and your hair! :)