Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back in Time: 2006

Ohlala quelle melanchonie. Non, attendez je reprends: alors voici des photos d'Ascona, ou ma famille a tendance de passer l'été. Voilà, c'est déjà plus positif ça. Quand je regarde ces photos, j'ai l'impression que mes cheveux commencent a pousser. Tu rêves, Anne-Catherine! :)

Old pictures from Ascona, my second home. Holidays can be soooo good. I swear looking at these pictures gives me the impression that my hair will grow faster, how nice.


  1. Oh mon Dieu!! Tu as vraiment bien fait de les couper et ainsi trouver vraiment un style à toi.
    Au fait c'est quand que tu nous fais un article sur ta coupe?

  2. Lovely pictures! You always look very pretty! What's your next haircut going to be like?

    I hope you'll have a great holiday. Are you going to Ascona this year? xx

  3. love all those photos
    great hair too :)

  4. Oh là là, tu as bcp changée, I love both, but the new one is awesome. <3 ur style
    bisou bisou

  5. ^^ jolie jolie! my pretty girl! tu es a Paris?? il faut qu'on se voit un jour! tu me manque >n< !!!^^

  6. Hello! you look very different!
    i love your blog and your style! :)

    xoxo from Brazil

  7. you are beautiful in these pics.
    but you now-hair, and your now-brows make you really stand out of the crowd. Kinda make you a 'brand', memorable.
    but you look beautiful either way, it's just very different.
    agnes / iiiinspired

  8. Wow you look so different there! But I too think that your current look is a lot more high fashion and truly makes a person look twice at you! I also notice you had thinner eyebrows. I am trying to grow mine and wondered how you grew yours to such perfection? Thanks for any help you can offer!

  9. @ jeaneg: oui ça fait longtemps.... mais je ne regrette rien:) J'aimerais bien faire un post sur ma coupe un jour, mais il y a pas vraiment grand chose a raconter:) Donc s'il y a des questions, tu peux me les poser!

    @ Naomi: thank you. My next haircut? I really have no idea, I never really think about it, at the moment my hair is quite long, but it feels right at the moment:)

    @ Michelle Lee: thank you:)

    @ Mode et Chic: yes I changed quite a lot. happy that (nearly) everyone likes it:)

    @ Celia: bonjouuur! Non je suis au luxembourg, mais je viendrais à paris pour l'arrivée du tour de france!

    @ sois stylé: merci beaucoup:)

    @agnes szucs: Thanks for your kind words, always a pleasure to hear:)

    @ Mariam: Yes I do had thinner eyebrows, I decided to let them grow since I was so lazy:) Well I did a post about it once in french, I still have to translate it, thanks for reminding me! If you have a specific question, you can ask me anytime.

  10. Thanks so much for offering to help!

    Do you have a blog email address where I could reach you?

    And if you could link that blog post to me, that would be very helpful! I've looked through your archives but was unable to find it.

    Thanks again for everything!

  11. @ Mariam: No problem! you can leave your mail here I'll send you a message. I just saw that the post does not appear anymore in my archive, I will re-post it again (i think there went something wrong or I might deleted it at some point), it's in french but I will translate it!

  12. @ Mariam: there we have it, blogger problem. found the post back:) here is the link:


  13. Thank you so much Anne-Catherine (you have a pretty name by the way!) for retrieving the post and for your continued help!

    Here is my email address:

    Please do feel free to send me an email so that I can respond back with any questions I may have. Merci sweetie!

  14. Let me tell you that you look way more better with short hair, long hair is distracting from your adorable clean and fresh face!! : )


  15. J'ai farfouillé dans mes vieilles photos il y a quelques jours et je suis tombée sur des photos de 2006 (j'avais 18 ans) avec les cheveux au carré, j'étais mignonne comme tout, et paf la nostalgie des cheveux (mi) longs me revient... Mais quand je vois ça je me dis 'elle a tellement eu raison de se couper les cheveux!' alors si ça vaut pour d'autres, ça doit valoir pour moi :)

  16. Wow, quel changement. Tu étais jolie mais maintenant tu es superbe !