Saturday, July 2, 2011

Preview: Fashion Week Faces.

Je pense que tout le monde qui a fait la Fashion Week cette saison a forcément croisé Daytona avec sa petite caméra jetable. Il a couru, couru, couru, et en voyant le résultat je me disais: A la fin, il a bien fait de courir dans tous les sens pour prendre en photo toutes ces personalitées qui rendent la Fashion Week si unique. Donc je sens que je vais scanner éternellement, mais ces photos/souvenirs le méritent! Je vais vous montrer les meilleures bientôt. Merci beaucoup Daytona!

I think everyone who went to Paris Fashion Week met, at one point, my friend Daytona and his little camera. He was running around like crazy, but now while looking at all these wonderful pictures, I keep telling myself that he did an amazing job. Every picture seems like a memory, with all these familiar faces that make fashion week so unique. So I'm going to scan them and make a small selection I'll upload on my blog soon. Big thanks to you, Daytona!


  1. looking forward, they look great!

  2. @ Hisham: they are really really beautiful!

  3. i want to make one side of my wall like this too
    only if I'm great at taking photos :)