Friday, July 8, 2011

Streetstyle: Miles McMillan.

There seems to be something strangely romantic/bohemian about Miles McMillan. Dries van Noten bleached-out Jeans, Givenchy's Rottweiler and boho accessories seem to be a good combination to that smile, oh and what a smile!

all pictures via stockholm streetstyle and streetfsn.


  1. trop génial !!! j'adore, j'adore, j'adore.....j'ai vu ce que tu faisais par l'intermédiaire d'Agata, et j'aime vraiment beaucoup...

  2. love the first and the second pic....
    but the sweater in the last pic is just amazing..

    The flip flop

  3. so beautiful. perfect style. i love long hair on guys.

  4. wow he is stunning just as well as his style is, i love when models take their knowledge of fashion and use it in daily life :-)