Friday, August 26, 2011

The Poolhouse.

Bon, avant que je m'en vais pour quelques jours à la plage belge (les luxembourgeois adorent y aller, je le jure), je vous montre encore les photos que j'avais fait dans le magnifique jardin de Nina pour Le soleil n'était visiblement pas toujours au rendez-vous, mais il y avait ce petit Teckel trop trop mignon! 

So, before going to the belgian coast (luxembourgish people love to go there for some strange reason), I'm quickly showing you the pictures we did for in Nina's wonderful garden I showed you before! Remember? Even if the sun was not really nice to us, we still got great pictures and the dog was the highlight of my day! 

Hat: Original Panama Hat - Shirt: American Apparel - Bikini: Burberry - Shorts: The Kooples - Bracelets: Swarovski & Balenciaga - Rings: Vintage and YSL - Shoes: Vintage.

all pictures by Jean Fischbach.


  1. this is such a nice post! great pics, i absolutely adore your style! lovely!

  2. Mince tu repars déjà...
    Vivement la rentrée hein!

  3. Love the sandals! That place looks gorgeous!

  4. Pretty, pretty sandals.

    Carmen Ri.

  5. Love it!

  6. Such a natural beauty! With an incredible style...

  7. You like the Belgian coast? That made me smile. I'm from Antwerp, Belgium and not very fond of our own coast. I much prefer the south or north of France. Strange how we always seem to like places in other countries better than our own!

    Hope you had a lovely time, even though the weather was horrible (apart from Friday).

    x E.