Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fashion Week Impressions: outside Chanel.

Let me show you the lovely pictures my luxembourgish friend Sophie took outside the wonderful Chanel venue. In fact she's doing an internship here in Paris and her boss decided to let her go to Fashion Week that morning. I won't even bother saying that we're not allowed going there - and I'm acutally studying fashion, makes that any sense?! So instead of staying home and being grumpy about the fact that I'm acutally not allowed, I decided to go anyway, as every season! Come on, it's twice a year and so exciting! Sophie was, of course, delighted, and so am I to show you the pictures she took. Really hope you like them, and btw: I was wearing a Dries van Noten sweater, American Apparel pants, an Aigner belt from my mum and a MiuMiu bag.

all pictures by Sophie Margue.


  1. very nice pictures! your friend seems to be pretty talented!

    anne-catherine, by the way, you absolutely need to update your wishlist section, i'm desperately waiting for your flair and keen sense of style! :)

    PS: i looove your blog, very inspiring!

  2. So many beautiful expressions of self <3 Color me inspired.

  3. thank you, so proud that my pictures are now on anne-catehrine frey's blog! :)

  4. Sympa ton look,j'ai beaucoup le pantalon american apparel.
    Sinon j'ignore qui sont les jumelles qui sont sur tes photos mais je les ai déjà vues sur plusieurs blogs à différentes fashion week et je les trouve tops,toujours un style décale!

  5. I love your blog, nice photos!

  6. we love your blog it´s so refreshing to see your european style!
    visit our blog for morte trends!
    besos from Ecuador ;)

  7. Great blog and pics!