Saturday, October 22, 2011

New In : Maison Martin Margiela Heels / Home Decoration, yes.

Back in Luxembourg for a short amount of time (with huge amounts of work, of course. Hey, what did you think?) and for the first time ever I decided to stay a bit longer, means I only took the train on saturday evening instead of friday evening immediately after school, man what a progress:) So let me think, what could you do on the first day of your vacation? I mean instead of working, come on it's the first day. Of course meeting a dear friend and do some serious shopping. So TingTing (who has the most amazing haircut btw, have to show you!) and I met to go to Maison Martin Margiela, where they had the most amazing stuff, I wanted to buy litteraly everything but we ended up only with a few things, and as you can see, I finally got my beloved heels I wanted so badly!! So now, my dear friends, I have a solid new decoration for my tiny apartment. No, walking on them is not even an issue at the moment, you know how I love heels, but not on my feet. (am I strange?!) So, all of this only to tell you that a) vacation is going to be busy but great, b) I had a wonderful day and c) yay! I finally have THE shoes.
P.S.: don't even ask why there's a coffee machine in the right corner of the picture.


  1. "you know how I love heels, but not on my feet. (am I strange?!)"

    I feel the same way! I just love looking at them 'cause they look so pretty x

  2. wow...really great and them:)

  3. saw these shoes at the MMM store in london a while back - love them!
    i dare you to wear them :) x

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