Saturday, October 22, 2011

New In : Maison Martin Margiela Heels / Home Decoration, yes.

Back in Luxembourg for a short amount of time (with huge amounts of work, of course. Hey, what did you think?) and for the first time ever I decided to stay a bit longer, means I only took the train on saturday evening instead of friday evening immediately after school, man what a progress:) So let me think, what could you do on the first day of your vacation? I mean instead of working, come on it's the first day. Of course meeting a dear friend and do some serious shopping. So TingTing (who has the most amazing haircut btw, have to show you!) and I met to go to Maison Martin Margiela, where they had the most amazing stuff, I wanted to buy litteraly everything but we ended up only with a few things, and as you can see, I finally got my beloved heels I wanted so badly!! So now, my dear friends, I have a solid new decoration for my tiny apartment. No, walking on them is not even an issue at the moment, you know how I love heels, but not on my feet. (am I strange?!) So, all of this only to tell you that a) vacation is going to be busy but great, b) I had a wonderful day and c) yay! I finally have THE shoes.
P.S.: don't even ask why there's a coffee machine in the right corner of the picture.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Paris Fashion Week Day 2

Take your favorite shirt, a cosy sweater and a few good accessories and done!
 I have to admit, this was my favorite look for this season, guess why: I'm terribly lazy and everything here is just perfect for lazy people. (Only the hat made me slightly nervous hah. I bet some people will actually remember me and my hat that day:)

Hat / Minimarket - Sweater / Vintage - Shirt / American Apparel - Bag / Viktor&Rolf - Shoes / Luella for Underground.

Many thanks to the lovely photographers who took these amazing pics: Fred for L'effort moderne, Guerre for Marie-Claire and Jason Jean with this little analog camera.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fashion Week Impressions: outside Chanel.

Let me show you the lovely pictures my luxembourgish friend Sophie took outside the wonderful Chanel venue. In fact she's doing an internship here in Paris and her boss decided to let her go to Fashion Week that morning. I won't even bother saying that we're not allowed going there - and I'm acutally studying fashion, makes that any sense?! So instead of staying home and being grumpy about the fact that I'm acutally not allowed, I decided to go anyway, as every season! Come on, it's twice a year and so exciting! Sophie was, of course, delighted, and so am I to show you the pictures she took. Really hope you like them, and btw: I was wearing a Dries van Noten sweater, American Apparel pants, an Aigner belt from my mum and a MiuMiu bag.

all pictures by Sophie Margue.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paris Fashion Week Day 1

So this was the first outfit of this seasons Fashion Week! (As you can see, I'm in a serious lack of skirts!:)

 Bag / Proenza Schouler PS1 - Shirt / American Apparel - Shirt worn as a Skirt / Comme des Garçcons - Sunnies / H&M - Boots / Minimarket.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fashion Week Impressions II

Here a little detail shot of what I wore for the shows on sunday.
sweater worn as a skirt: April77 / Sunnies: H&M / Watch: Balenciaga / Ring: Dior / Bangles: Tod's & Corpus Christi
picture by Guerre for Marie-Claire.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fashion Week Impressions

Vous le savez sûrement, j'ose toujours (oui, toujours!) pas vraiment prendre des photos aux sorties des défilées, donc chaque saison je me contente des photos (presque) toujours magnifiques des bloggeurs, et de faire des petits photos "souvenirs" avec mon iPhone. Normalement je les garde pour moi car la qualité n'est pas énorme, mais cette fois-ci je me suis dit: pourquoi pas les poster quand-même? Donc voilà, mes photos "souvenirs". Alors je vous explique: la première montre l'état plus ou moins misérable des bloggeurs à la fin d'une longue journée (et d'un long mois pour eux!!), il faisait tellement chaud on se posait juste sur les éscaliers et regardait les gens se précipiter vers le défilée  Sonia Rykiel un peu plus loin. Bon, la belle femme sur la deuxième n'a pas besoin d'introduction je pense, j'ai tellement adoré ses chaussures MiuMiu (ça vous étonne, je sais.) et le fait qu'elle se prenait tellement de temps pour les photographes!...bon en même temps, avec cette robe, on n'avance pas si vite que ça. Numéro 3, c'est simple: Sandra m'a donné son invitation pour le défilé Céline, car je les collectionne. Ouais. En attendant que je reçois mes propres invitations je collectionne celles des autres:) Et la quatrième photo montre encore un état misérable, cette fois-ci de mes chaussures au bout de 10 minutes aux tuileries, ça vaut toujours une photo "souvenir" :) 
En attendant les photos streetstyle des bloggeurs, j'espère que les miennes vous plaisent aussi un petit peu! xx

As you might now, I don't usually take pictures myself during Fashion Week ( I started slowely last menswear) but sometimes I just have to take a few snaps of situations I particulary like, so here are the ones of this season. Usually I keep them to myself since they are only iPhone photos, but this time, I changed my mind:) So here we go: The first one shows the consequences of the heat on the bloggers at the Sonia Rykiel Show ( it was painfully hot!!), the woman on the second one does not need any introduction I think, I just loved the MiuMiu shoes and the fact that she posed so long for the photographers! Number 3 shows me as a proud owner of a Céline invitation (loved the layout!!), another one in my collection. (Until I get my own ones, I collect the ones of other people hah.) And 4 is typical: after a few minutes at the tuileries, your shoes look like that. Anna Dello Russo's dress did as well btw :) 
Hope you like my little snapshots, my streetstyles are coming soon.xx