Friday, February 17, 2012

The Kooples Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook

Comme promis, voici mes looks préférés (en général, ça veut dire: quasiment tout les looks) de la nouvelle collection été de The Kooples. Je pense que c'est clair que je suis fan de cette marque depuis que je suis à Paris, et je ne pense pas que ceci va changer! :) Lequel est votre favori? Je suis tellement contente de finalement voir le Lookbook, je me souviens encore, quand je venais d'arriver chez eux ils ont encore fait les essayages...comme le temps passe vite. Bon, maintenant, je peux donc attendre avec plaisir la collection hiver, non? :)

As promised, my favorite looks (means, almost all the looks in general) from The Kooples. You all know that I've been a huge fan of the brand from the beginning on...hard not to notice on my blog! Which one is your favorite? I'm really happy to finaly see this collection in the Lookbook. I remember when I arrived there, the final fittings had already started and it all just seems to go so fast. Now I can look forward to the Fall/Winter collection!


  1. love all the white looks <3

  2. i love everything, specially the wolf t-shirt xx

  3. my favourite is probably the grey blazer, khaki-dark-green jacket, red skirt and those beige flats. great collection... seems easier and less-agressive than some of the stuff the kooples have done in the past.

  4. i love ALL the looks! seems like a very nice collection!
    are there any of your designs?
    could you post some pictures of the kooples sport collection please? i'm keen to see that one...

    by the way, i'm in love with your blog! :)

  5. @Yuka: The colours changed this season, right? Love the white bathing suit.

    @ criscrascrus: The wolf shirt is amazing, it comes in two versions + a scarf. Can't wait to see it in my closet!

    @ anonymous: well yes, there's less black I'd say:) Love it as well!

    @ Anonymous: Well I arrived when the collection was already almost finished, but I still managed to design a little piece for this one...I'll show you for sure:)Of course I'll post the sport lookbook if you want to. Went to see the first store in the Marais, it's awesome! (Lots of shopping this season, I can smell it!)

  6. Love the looks! Especially the mint shirt paired with grey jacket. Your blog is amazing, glad i found it! Following you! I hope you can also check mine!


  7. The wolf shirt is cool, and the bathingsuit looks amazing on her.

    / Avy

  8. I'm not usually a fan of The Kooples but I absolutely love this collection ...especially the grey blazer, the red dress and the wolf. I'd be curious to know what are your favourites ?