Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Details.

Un petit preview avant mon jury final dans une semaine. (Oui, ceci explique le manque de posts ce dernier temps;) 
Bientôt je vais vous montrer toutes les photos du shooting, promis! 

A quick preview of the shoot I did last week with Agata. I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately, university will finally be over in one week so I'm organizing everything at the moment. Wish me luck my dear readers & soon I'm going to publish all the other pictures of our little shooting :)

Shirt - Balenciaga / Skirt - Prada / Watch - Hermès / Ring - YSL / Cuff - Tod's / Bracelet - Corpus Christi


  1. Love the prints! Best of luck with your exams!


  3. that is a lovely combination. the jewelry makes it even better. I'm not too into mixing prints but this I would wear for sure!