Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fashion Week Impressions III

The last (rainy) part of my Fashion Week adventures!
In case you wondered: No, I still don't use a camera, yes, I know the Iphone Quality is crap. 
I really need to find a camera I actually like to use.

all pictures by me, taken with my beloved IPhone...had to point that out one more time ;)


  1. I realy love this photos!

  2. love the photo of the girl with hat!

  3. Sure, the iPhone quality is pretty average but it's also about the subject and the composition - and your shots have these in spades! You've captured the moment, the feeling... and some really, really cute hats.

  4. great pictures reading your blog ! Such great inspiration ! I am a new blogger and would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you like it !

  5. I'm the same way...last Toronto Fashion week I used my iPhone, even though I knowww I need a great camera. Eventually! C'est la vie!

    iPhone or camera though, these pictures are fabulous!!

  6. Gorgeous pictures, great collection of pictures! Love the Acne heels from the first picture so much!

  7. These photographs are amazing! You are so inspiring! I love Hanneli's shoes in that first picture.

    xoxo, Meera

  8. Wow, you have an amazing blog! Are you from Paris? Becaue I am going there soon and would love for us to meet for a coffee if you would like to.