Monday, November 19, 2012

The ultimate Christmas Wishlist !

Okay my dear readers, you all know whats on our planning again : Christmas! 
And I dont know if I told you, but I love Christmas and I love winter in general. So since it's only at the end of the year I had more than enough time to make a huge list of everything I'd like to see under our little tree in Luxembourg, of course everything was out of budget. So I made some sacrifices and that's whats left. Still out of budget - of course. So I'm going to explain why I need / want every single piece to make it even more clear (hopefully to my dear parents;) how incredibly important all of them are. Yes. Every single one of them. Indeed!

1) The Balenciaga Apron boot: The ones I have are falling apart and they are my favorite shoes in the world. 
(Is that a valid argument if you have about 100 favorite shoes in the world?!)

2) The Maison Martin Mariela Carpet Clutch: I always loved our carpet at home, this looks exactly like it.

3) The Proenza Schouler embroidered Sweatshirt: Everyone needs a Sweatshirt with exotic birds on it. 

4) The Balenciaga Leather Jacket : Its a classic. You can never do something wrong with a good perfecto jacket. 
And its bi-color... is that an argument?

5)The Repossi earrings: Cause my parents never allowed me to get a piercing in my ears. And I never did it. I'm a good child.

6) IPad Mini: Probably because the TV ad is so good.

7) The Proenza Schouler PS11 Bag: Cause I wanted it from the first second on. 
(Again: Is that a valid argument if you fall in love with every second bag you see?)

8) The Alexander Wang Sweater: Easy- Because its something I can wear in winter and during summer - I can wear this the whole year! Thats such a good investment. 

So, now I have to ask seriously: How many of you use stupid arguments like this as well to get their favorite christmas present ? I'm seriously good at it :)

So what will you get for Christmas? What should I get? I bet at the end it's going to be something totally different, as usual:)

.... oh and I wouldnt mind that Balmain outfit either...I was just a bit too scared of the price tag to even put it on my list ;)


  1. great wish list!
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  2. I hope I get the Dior "oui" ring... the one that you already have! keeping my ring fingers crossed! and hey feel free to check out my blog!

  3. @ Diana Marks: thank you :)

    @ Mademoiselle Fleur: fingers crossed, I hope that you got it! Its amazing:)