Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Givenchy Couture Spring 2012

Riccardo Tisci sure always delivers the best couture gowns. Not to mention the jewels...fantastic.

pictures from and lylybye.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Paris Menswear Day 1

Bon, j'ai tellement profité des soldes (sans acheter beaucoup bien évidemment) que j'ai totalement loupé la Men's Fashionweek, donc le weekend j'y étais. En fait, ce n'étaient pas les soldes qui m'empêchaient mais les horaires d'un certain endroit que je fréquente maintenant depuis environ 3 ans qui font que t'es marquée absente si tu viens 5 minutes en retard (allez, 10 ça va aussi, oui, vous avez le droit de rire maintenant). Alors, le weekend, entre un jury et une collection pour The Kooples (j'ai déjà dit que j'adore?) j'avais une petite demi-heure pour aller regarder ce qui se passe chez Ann Demeulemeester, sans rentrer trop tard bien entendu - eh, j'ai une vie à vivre, derrière mon bureau. Première petite pause de ce weekend, il y a une autre à venir bientôt! :)

En regardant la photo, je me suis rendue compte que je portais que des cadeaux: une veste Alexander Wang grâce à Laurent (merci encore, je vais l'encadrer, bon j'exagère mais elle est quand même superbe), une chemise Carven grâce à ma maman et des soldes exceptionnelles, un short The Kooples grâce à mon goût extraordinaire (hah!), un sac Alexander Wang grâce au père Noël, et un bracelet Tod's grâce a ma superbe capacité de piquer/emprunter un peut tout à ma mère! :) 

Well in fact, it's not actually the "real" day 1, but my day 1. You know I was so busy buying all my dream clothes during the sales that I almost forgot going to the menswear shows. Well in fact, I didn't buy so much...and I have to admit that this time, I can't blame sales for my lack of "interest" in Fashionweek. It's mostly dued to a strange familiar (?!?) place I've been going to for now almost....3 years, you know you're not allowed to be late. (Makes me wanna go back to high-school, even there I felt more like an adult, and that means something 'cause I was such a baby, hah! I really was.) Okay, so I was super busy living my life behind my desk, working a bit for The Kooples (such a good collection for summer) and of course for school, but decided to take a break and go to the Ann Demeulemeester show to take a quick look, and here's the result. :)

I noticed, while looking at the picture, that all the things I was wearing were acutally gifts: Alexander Wang Jacket thanks to Laurent (so happy about that one, thanks again!), Carven Shirt thanks to my mum and amazing sales, The Kooples shorts thanks to my own good taste (hah!), Alexander Wang Backpack thanks to Santa, Cuff from Tod's thanks to my capacity to successfully "steal/borrow" things from mum. Thanks anyway! :)

picture by Tommy Ton for

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back in Time: 2010

Tout en refusant d'aller me coucher si tôt (il n'est que 3 heures du matin), j'ai fait ressortir mon petit côté mélancolique et je suis tombée sur cette photo d'il y a deux ans. Je me souviens, c'était lors d'une soirée super sympa avec une très chère amie à moi. Elle, comme tu m'as dit à Noël, Paris est super pendant le printemps, donc bouge-toi, j'ai besoin de quelques de tes dessins sur ma peau, j'ai tellement adoré celui-ci. 

While looking at old pictures (hey, it's only 3 a.m.!), I found this one again and thought what amazing night I had with my dear friend last summer. Elle, wherever you are at the moment (London of course), I need some new drawings of yours on my skin, I loved this one. 

picture by Emilia. (remember her?) :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Finally Mine...

...but only for one evening! I've been craving this jacket from The Kooples for a long time and I had the opportunity to take it for a little walk to the Paris Metro (totally worth seeing, of course.) and back to work yesterday. I think I'm going to buy lots of awesome jackets in the future, which I can leave at the office, so that I can take a piece from The Kooples home every day. They can't let me go out like that without a coat/jacket/whatever you like! It's freezing, right? Would be too good to be true. Okay, let's stop dreaming, the jacket is back at the office, I'm happy I took at least one more or less crappy picture (8MP Camera, isn't it obvious?) just before going to bed. Yeah, that's why I look so tired! And take a good look at my eyebrows, you'll never see them again without make-up. (Except if The Kooples will lend me plenty of nice jackets for one evening!) :)

For all my dear readers (almost 700 in total, yay!), you might have noticed (of course you did) that I stopped writing in french due to a serious lack of time. I know, boring excuse. Let me know what you think, should I write in two languages again?

Mes chers lecteurs français, je ne vous ai pas oubliés!! Comme expliqué (en anglais, ironiquement!), j'ai récemment publié mes posts en anglais seulement. Puisque je souhaite faire le mieux possible pour vous, je vous demande donc: est-ce que ceci vous convient, ou préférez-vous de nouveau une version française? Let me know! :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Streetstyle: Hanne Gaby Odiele

Okay, I know this post is HUGE. But a post about Hanne Gaby Odiele can't be too long, she looks gorgeous after every show.
I love her positive energy, the way she plays with layering and prints is just extraordinary. Go Hanne! 

pictures via stockholmstreetstyle, easyfashion, vogue, streetfsn, jak&jil.