Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Little escapades.

With new campaigns out everywhere and fashion week right on my doorstep (along with all this snow), I seriously had to think about photoshoots, yes. So you might think now that thats weird, but i would also think that you know me and my strange thoughts by now.So why think about photoshoots instead of just doing them?

First of all, I'm shy. Yes, I know that thats not an excuse so I might skip it.

I also have the uncommon talent among girls to look into the mirror, take a closer look at some serious models out there and come to the fully statisfying conclusion that my legs are (unfortunately) not 2/3 of my body, that my shoulders are maybe a bit too big and that I actually do have a little something called hips. About these last ones - I'm not going to give you a speech about how much I love having at least some curves, because in fact I never liked them in any way, and that does not mean either that I'm madly in love with bony creatures. How to tell you? It has always been like this, as long as I remember it has been part of my aesthetic.

So, as you might guess I'm sceptical towards people who are actually interested in taking my picture. I tell myself: Why? there are tons of models out there and they are surely better looking than I am, legs included. But then at one point, when i started the blog, I had to get over my promise to not do professional photoshoots, and I'm telling you: I don't regret it at all. And thats not because of the actual pictures, but of everything behind. I love it. And the pictures too, if everything goes right.
I always thought about the editors, the buyers, the designers and the stylists, but strangely enough i never thought about the models, and how it feels like to be one for a change, not just to look at one.

Turns out that the minidress was not shot in Paris in 20 degrees but -2, and that you're actually having a hard time standing up more than 5 seconds and try to look like some kind of magic swan. Specially when you more feel like a dolled up whale stranded on a lonely beach with just some photographer around, tons of makeup and unconfortable heels included. You try standing on a ladder for Vogue, everyone staring at you while thinking that if you fall down you'll scratch the amazing floor and might get killed by hitting your head against that huge Diptyque candle down there. I tell you I had a hard time being a swan. And theres a way to hold your chin and feet to make everything look better? Soon after the first real shootings I started seeing how I underestimated this job. Taking off the Prada, Louboutins and putting your old Cheap Monday jeans on never felt that good. At the same time one thing is always sure when you put these things on in the morning: its going to be a unique memory (and I might finally get a better posture.)
I'm always going to be happy to do shoots, you meet interesting people and point of views about fashion and get to know yourself so much more. It shows such a different side of fashion, I like looking behind the effortless, perfect facade. That's what makes it fun. It was the first real wake up call I ever got from the fashion world.

And then there are the other type of photoshoots, the outfit posts. Lots of people request them or ask me why I dont really like doing them. Well, with everything above already explaining how I feel about shootings in general, it felt natural for me to not do a blog only about them. I mean, how could i say this delicately? To be honest, these days I'm always happy to do shootings but I'm not at the point yet where I think that my daily outfits are such an interesting thing that i should share them with the rest of the world. I prefer dressing up, making a special effort for special situations. I'm not the kind of girl who dresses incredibly to sit at the office, I'm terribly comfortable and not afraid to look like that in my everyday situations. So doing outfit posts did never really feel honest to me, thats the easy answer why I never really did them.

After all this time in Paris, trying to find my own way, today I definitely know that I'm never going to be a model or a girl who loves being in pictures- but I knew that the day one. But at least today, I know how it feels like to be one for a short amount of time - before going back to my usual self. And, I have to admit, arent the pictures the best souvenirs you can possibly have from this little escapades? Right after the blisters - of course.
Shirt - Balenciaga / Shorts - The Kooples / Watch - Balenciaga / Rings - Dior & Corpus Christi.
pictures by Iris Brosch.


  1. Gorgeous. :) I love how they styled your hair and makeup!

  2. so cool babe, really nice make-up !! ♥


  3. Love that top, beautiful print.


  4. Amazing! Check me out at www.wavylocksandfashiontalks.blospot.com

  5. you are an artist...live that every day...soak it up...and once you are doing photo shoots, your next endevour will fall beautifully from the sky into your hands and you will know what to do next...and it will be perfect...

  6. You're BEAUTIFUL, no matter how long your legs are. And I loved the post, it's a great piece of writing! Hugs from Hungary! Hope to see more pictures like these in the future <3

    Mariann (from www.cashmereinstyle.com)

  7. THANKS to all of you :) lots of love! xx