Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All my favorite things.

I was thinking about something very random today - as usual :  what makes me wear certain clothes? 
You might ask yourself why I asked myself that, well it is simple. I remember buying this Isabel Marant skirt and if you follow my blog, I think you could be as surprised as I was when i found it back in my closet a few days ago ( quick note to myself: finding something "back" is an urgent sign for " I have too many clothes", which leads me to " don't stop buying them but get a bigger closet.")
I'm surprised everytime I read articles about myself - it is indeed quite funny to see how different my style is seen by people. Some call it feminine, some boyish, edgy, young, androgynous. And then there is the fundamental question: Anne-Catherine, how do you pick an outfit? 
I fear this question, I really do. 

Because if I could be totally honest, well I am most of the time, Id just say: I have no idea. But isn't saying that a bit simple and maybe even arrogant?

In fact, all of this comes together like pieces of a puzzle, starting when I look at pictures on the internet, picking my favorite collections for my blog and going to shops. I always immediately target the same group of clothes, colours, cuts. Of course makes me buy always the same things. So with a good shirt, T-Shirt, taylored jacket and jeans I basically did everything for the last 1000 years or so. During winter you can add jumpers, by preference those who make me look like a schoolboy. General rule for everything: Nothing too complicated, nothing opulent, nothing sexy. I don't like sexy.
I like to think that these basics are so versatile - I love combining them in a different way, different colours. I also consider myself as an uncomplicated person when it comes to fashion - I mean i love opulent things, but not on myself. When i hate one thing, it's feeling disguised. Give me some basics and I'm happy. So there we have 2/3 of every single outfit I've worn in the last 6 years (everything before doesn't count stylewise - for your own good.) Thats how you meet me at work, when i do my shopping ( because I agree with Karl Lagerfeld, there is no excuse to wear jogging pants when you go out. Except long flights maybe.), well you know, when I'm just being my normal self. Now, what happens during fashion week? That's where the last 1/3 is added and that's it. Easy right?
So, what is my last third? Its that one piece I buy, thinking that I'm never going to wear it anyway. For real, if I think that when I see a piece of clothing, it's a good sign. A very good sign. Take this gold brocade skirt for example: when can I possibly wear that. It's too golden, too short too opulent. Did I mention that I tend to wear basics? So, yes, I'm never going to wear it. So when I ask myself what makes me wear certain clothes it's easy - the little effort I do sometimes, when I like to stay true to myself but still take a certain risk, to surprise myself and other people in a certain way. 2/3 and 1/3 is my rule, remember... because at the end, the best is to still recognize yourself, authentic, when you look at yourself in the mirror, even if there are so many wonderful crazy pieces flying around outside.

P.S.: I like to consider that way to buy clothes as a good way to save money, because your target is very small. I can see that it doesnt work too since my closet is exploding (blame it on all the choice of shirts outside!!), but I'm staying positive: It-is-working.

P.P.S.: Just a little shoutout: That doesn't mean that I'm not going to accept massive huge wonderful dresses and crazy shoes - just to let you know.

pictures by citizen couture and vanessa jackman.


  1. wow :) amazing outfit :))


  2. I love that 1/3 2/3's idea. So true. And I adore that coat.