Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This is my boyfriends tattoo, and it makes me think every time.
 How easily he did it, and how well it suits him, without it looking "wrong". How delicate it is. I love it.
It looks like tattoos suit some people naturally. Or do we make the tattoos suit? 

I remember I wanted a tattoo for ages, and result: I still don't have one. As it seems, I still can't decide how it would look on me, and how it looks on women in general. I'm torn somehwere between "it ruins the purity of the body" and "it just looks cool". Strangely enough I know exactly where I want tattoos, and even what I'd like to get tattooed, but I never really did it. It's the same with piercings.
It reminds me of one of my only sins from when I was younger - getting a belly button piercing. People are always so shocked when they see it, saying that it doesn't suit me. I agree. I like to think that I love tattoos on other people, and I admire those who can really pull it off, but maybe I'm just not the tattoo kind of girl.

What do you think, is a tattoo something that "suits" people like clothing does or doesn't? Or is the individual person making it work?


  1. I think that, it's the individual person that make it work on her self!
    Tattoo will always be the more radical expression of graphic design.


    Julia from aboyeur.blogspot.com

  2. it's like you said everything that i want to express about the subject. i've always wanted to get a tattoo and i always didn't seem to find the tattoo just fits me in every way.


  3. Well, I think that in the first place tattoos are more an expression of a specific mindset than an aesthetic manner.
    Purity for me is, when you are able to love and accept your body no matter of how it looks and a bit of ink shouldn't change that.
    In this way my tattoos are kind of a reminder to myself to keep this attitude and not to regret it one day when I'm old haha.
    I have made the experience that getting your first tattoo also changes your attitude towards the whole issue. It's a decision with a lifelong consequence and once you've come to that, it makes you feel strong & confident about yourself.
    As long as you are not only doing it for aesthetic reasons, I'm sure you will grow into your tattoos and make them work automatically, because you love them and this will most likely manifest.

  4. I'm one of those who love tattoos. I just think it's and form of art (if done properly of course) and can be really interesting and maybe even makes the body look better and gives it some more character. Again - if they're made precisely and if the idea behind them is a good one.


  5. i agree, i like tattoos on certain people. they seem to be a part of them, but somehow on me it would feel like i would be putting something on my body that doesn`t belong there. like a stain that couldn´t be washed off!! weird i know...
    xxx anna

  6. I personally think it is something that "suits" people...
    You practically expressed what I was thinking all these while..
    I'd love to get one but until now it is still "blank" haha...probably because i'm uncertain on which I will be able pull it off greatly like how some people did ;)