Saturday, February 22, 2014

Picture Perfect 22/02.

Marilyn is of course one of my favorite subjects, shes one of the girls that make every picture golden.
This one has been on my moodboard for a while now - there is something about the autumnal colours and her seeking, sad facial expression. 
Fragile Beauty.

picture from tumblr.


  1. she gives that stg special, especially at pictures. when i see her at a movie, i feel she is that female version in someones mind, not just herself, but a creature in most mens fantasies. in pictures she is stg else.. stg unique, she is all womens feelings in one body. and then, i like her all over again!

  2. this is such a stunning shot of her. it is funny because people are so split about their emotions about her, but i quite like the woman a lot. she had flaws, she was a real person, that that is what makes her story interesting.

    rae of lovefromberlin

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